Monsters University Takeover: What You Need to Know !


Hello scary penguins! Monsters University Takeover has arrived and it’s scarily fun! When you first log in you will see the screen above. Choose which fraternity or sorority you would like to be part of, receive your free item from that team, and hit the X in the upper right corner to get started!

This is then the first room you will see:


Since I chose to be part of the JOX team, I went into the JOX house which looks like this:


If you have one penguin at the blue ping pong paddle and another penguin at the red ping pong paddle, you will start playing ping pong! Nothing more interesting here or in the other rooms, and also you cannot go upstairs.

If you click on the yellow flask below the member sign in the upper right hand corner, you will get the Scare Games menu:



Each day more items will be unlocked for members and a new free item for everyone. Today’s free item is a three-eyed head item which looks hilarious 🙂

ONLY the items that have a ‘D’ next to them can you roar with. So to start earning your scare points click on ‘Play Scare Game’ above. I will dedicate a whole post just for this game so there won’t be any information here about the game.

Also the price you see under the items are not in coins but scare points. This is what you get if you have little or no scare points when you try to purchase an item:


If you go to the Snow Forts you will see the entrance for the actual Monsters University. Once inside:



To go to the Stadium you would just go straight up the path. The building to the left is like a training class. There isn’t really anything you can do in there. The building to the right will take you to another part of the campus where you can also play the scare games by going over to the small stage where you will see most penguins hang out.

Don’t forget to check out the new emoticons!


That’s about it! Stay tuned for my Scare Games tips and tricks post and of course the location of the new pin!


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