Scare Games: Tips & Tricks !


In this post I will tell you everything you need to know while playing the Scare Games and some tips and tricks to help you earn more scare points. Let’s get started!

As you can see from the screen above, you can choose for whom you’d like to play/scare for. Also it says that we should check out which team won on July 6 and that we will get a trophy for taking part. Now I’m not sure if that means only to those who took part of the team that won or if it’s a trophy for everyone. But just in case go ahead and join all teams. If you’re a boy then you don’t have to join PNK if you don’t want to have the pink items 😀


I have labeled each red box with a number so we can cover all tips within one image.

Box #1:  You can see how many lives you have. You will always start with three.

Box #2: This is your victim’s sleep meter. You need to reach him by crossing the room and avoiding obstacles before the meter runs out. If it runs out the penguin will wake up and you will lose a life.

Box #3: These are your controls. To move left and right, hit the left and right arrows on your keyboard. To jump, hit the up arrow or the space bar. Once you reach the red and yellow platform at the foot of the bed,  you hit the space bar to perform your scare.

Box #4: These red boxes, among other obstacles you will see throughout the levels, are to be avoided! You need to jump over them by pressing once the up arrow. If you land or hit one, a big chunk of the sleep meter will be subtracted and you will have to move faster then to reach the scare platform.

Once you reach the red and yellow platform by the victim’s bed, you will have to hit the space bar to determine how strong you want your roar to be. Red is low/bad, yellow is medium/good, and green is high/excellent. You’ll want to hit the green bar each time to get the most scare points out of each level. To always land on green, what you want to do is hit the space bar BEFORE it’s on green, so you would have to hit it when it’s on yellow as I have highlighted below:


If you do that you will always get it on green.

In some situations you will have to jump over three or more boxes or balloons. You won’t be able to do it with just a jump so in this case you will have to do a double jump. To do a double jump you can either hold the space bar or hit the up arrow twice. And if you want to glide for extra air time, hold the up arrow AFTER you have hit it twice. So it will be: up arrow, up arrow, hold up arrow. Then you will flutter like so:


That’s all there is to the game. With these tips and tricks you will reach many levels and win tons of points for your team. This is what I won on my first game:



I have noticed a super easy way to earn scare points by scaring more people at once.

Tip #1: Don’t scare two or three people. If you can, move to a large crowd and then roar, like so:


Tip #2: When you enter/go to a new room, do not move from that position! Because since everybody entering that same room will appear in the same place as you are, it will give you a higher advantage to scare and earn tons of points. So when you enter a new room, just stay there and roar! For every person that you scare (red exclamation mark) you will get five scare points.


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