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Star Wars Takeover: Defeat TIE Fighters Level 3

August 8, 2013


Hi there! This is the third and final level of the mini-game. It is the hardest of all because it’s longer than the other levels so you need to be extra careful here. Below is my video tutorial and if for some reason you can’t watch it, there is also a text version: Continue Reading!


Star Wars Takeover: Lightsaber Duels !

July 25, 2013


Once you have received your own Lightsaber you can begin dueling other players for items. Go ahead and press D with your lightsaber out and you will enter the duel mode where another player can fight you!

UK Players: Win a Club Penguin Moderation Master Class !

July 15, 2013


Daffodaily5 says:

“As you know, we’ve got a huge team of trained moderators all around the world, helping to keep Club Penguin safe. Our support team also receives a load of emails from you guys asking to come and visit one of our offices, to learn more about what it takes to be a CP moderator. Well I’m excited to say, as part of Aim High, we’re offering the chance for 5 UK players to win a day trip to our office in Brighton on 31st July, where they’ll get a unique opportunity to meet the CP team and take part in a Moderation Master Class! Pretty epic, eh?

If you’re in the UK and that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please ask your parents to enter for the chance to win. Details of how your parents can enter can be found here: Aim High Competition T&Cs

The closing date is Monday  22nd July at 9am (UK time), so if you want to enter you better be quick! Good luck! 🙂

How to Become a Fire Ninja Super Fast !

May 19, 2013


Hey everyone! I have great news for those of you having trouble in becoming Fire Ninjas… I have discovered a way of how to win EVERY game of Card-Jitsu Fire !!! Since many of you know, getting those clothing items for the Fire Suit takes a long time, especially if you’re losing every now and then. Yes, even if you lose you get points for the next item. But what if you could win each time ?! 🙂 Here is the tutorial: Continue Reading!

How to Get The White Super Hero Hoodie!

April 27, 2013


Hello! So I recently found out that you can actually win this awesome white Super Hero Hoodie. I myself have not been able to win this, but I will tell you how if you do already know.  Continue Reading!

Last Day to Get Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Hat! (Update)

April 7, 2013


Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope most of you reading this, have won this awesome beta hat already. This is the second beta hat Club Penguin has released. The first one was way back in 2005 when the game itself was beta tested. This day today, Sunday, is the LAST day to be able to win the Card-Jitsu Snow beta hat! Even  though after Sunday you will still be able to continue beta testing Card-Jitsu Snow, you will not be able to receive the beta hat. And this is the last time they will ever give this out to anyone!!! Just like the first beta hat. So hurry! Go to and play until you get it. My favorite character to choose is the Fire Ninja since he has equal amounts of range, move, and damage. Snow Ninja is pretty cool too since you can heal your friends if you are a support kind of player.

Who’s your favorite character?


I just read a tweet by Polo Field saying that the beta hat will be available for a few more days!! So don’t worry if you won’t be able to get it today.

How to Win A Gold Award!

February 24, 2013


I was wrong. No special thing for the golden awards. In fact, you can only get one by winning the presentations. BUT I found a super easy way of winning a Gold Award. Continue Reading!

Win Prizes on The Santa Sled Ride!

December 20, 2012

That’s right! You can pretend to be Santa by dropping present into chimneys as you fly above them. With the right timing you’ll be getting your prizes in no time. The funny thing is that the prizes that I have won are odd. I have one both a blue and a yellow light bulb. They are added to your inventory and when you wear them this is the result:


Not so sure how the creators landed on this idea, but it’s there!