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Star Wars Takeover: Defeat TIE Fighters Level 2

August 8, 2013


Hello there! Below is my video tutorial on how to pass level 2 of the mini-game. If you cannot for some reason view the video or your internet connection is not fast enough, there is also a text version: Continue Reading!


How to Become a Fire Ninja Super Fast !

May 19, 2013


Hey everyone! I have great news for those of you having trouble in becoming Fire Ninjas… I have discovered a way of how to win EVERY game of Card-Jitsu Fire !!! Since many of you know, getting those clothing items for the Fire Suit takes a long time, especially if you’re losing every now and then. Yes, even if you lose you get points for the next item. But what if you could win each time ?! 🙂 Here is the tutorial: Continue Reading!