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Hidden Items in Jan 9 Penguin Style

January 10, 2014

Hidden Items in October’s Penguin Style !

October 3, 2013


Hi there! There are many hidden items in this month’s Penguin Style, so don’t miss them! Continue Reading!

I Moved to A New Website !

August 8, 2013


Hey there fellow penguins! I have moved to a new website which is now

If you were subscribed to this site please go visit the new website and subscribe there because I will no longer be posting on this site.

Thanks for your views and support on this blog. I hope we can continue growing on the new one!

July 11th Penguin Style !

July 11, 2013


Hey everyone! There’s a new Penguin Style catalog but unfortunately there are no hidden items… again. But there are new backgrounds for everyone:


Catalog Dates for July !

July 1, 2013


Hello fellow penguins. Since the Monsters University Takeover has resulted to be a huge success, Club Penguin has pushed this month’s catalog dates further. Here are the dates:

Penguin Style: July 10th

Furniture Catalog: July 17th

The above image is a sneak preview of some of the items that will be in the next Penguin Style.

June 6th Penguin Style !

June 6, 2013


Hey everyone! The newest Penguin Style is here, but unfortunately there are no hidden items 😦 Plus they used up two entire pages to put in a few items on each page. You’ll know what I mean when you see it. There are also two new backgrounds for free and two old ones that are now back so get them while you can!


Hidden Items in May 9th’s Penguin Style!

May 8, 2013


The newest Penguin Style catalog is out now! I have to admit once again that the designers of Club Penguin have made an impressive job in the new clothing items. They look so beautiful and awesome at the same time! And so many super cool hidden items for members! Also new backgrounds:


Now, onto the hidden stuff, shall we? Continue Reading!

Hidden Item in Penguin Style + All Costumes!

April 5, 2013


Hey everyone! Boy am I excited about the newest Penguin Style and it’s awesome super hero costumes!!! I think that from now on I will only wear super hero costumes 🙂 The designers of Club Penguin have blown me away with their creativity once again. There is only one hidden item in this catalog and it is the… Continue Reading!

Hidden Items in The Penguin Style! (Mar 7)

March 7, 2013


Hello fellow readers! The new Penguin Style is here and it has loads of new features like checkered shoes and awesome clothing, especially the “I love my Puffle” shirts which you can customize. Now, there are only two hidden items, but one of them is really cool! And it’s on a page that offer Saint Patrick’s Day clothing.

For the Pot O’ Gold, click on this shamrock:

Continue Reading!

Hidden Items in Penguin Style! (Jan 31st) + Code

January 31, 2013


Prepare to see stars! The clothes and outfits for the Hollywood Party have arrived, and they look fantastic! What a great time to be a member! I can’t wait to see the furniture that will match the party. Of course each PS has its hidden items, and here they are:

For the Black Shoulder Bag, click on his shoes:



For the Classy T-Shirt, click on the star:



I’m afraid that’s all the hidden items this time. But there are so many new outfits it’s unbelievable! Especially the Ancient Dragon costume! Awesome!

The Coffee Apron is back! You pour coffee when you press D:


Also new backgrounds so don’t forget to check those out!


Now, let’s get busy looking sharp and ready for the partaaay!


Just read there’s a new code worth 500 coins: LESNIEVE