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Disney Game On: Star Wars Takeover

July 23, 2013

Hey fellow penguins! Here’s a video review of the Star Wars Takeover party starting on July 25th!


iPad-Exclusive Star Wars Takeover Costume!

July 11, 2013


Polo Field says:

“Hello Penguins! Since we released the (amazingly epic) 3D cinematic trailer in celebration of the Star Warsâ„¢ Takeover, many of you have asked for sneak peeks! Here’s one for you… We’re releasing a Boba Fett costume… exclusively on the My Penguin iPad app! Members with the app are able to pick up the new costume with our recent My Penguin app update. You’ll definitely want this one! There will be plenty of other amazing character costumes at the Takeover, too. Stay tuned for more info there!”

Second Star Wars Takeover Exit Screen !

July 10, 2013


Hey fellow penguins! Check out the newest exit screen above! If you’re a member you will be able to get over 20 Star Wars related costumes! If you are not a member I recommend you to become one before July 25 just in time for the party! The costumes already look so awesome plus you know that everybody is definitely excited to have lightsabers!!! 😀

Star Wars Takeover Exit Screen Preview !

July 5, 2013


Hey penguins! Here’s an exit screen of the upcoming party. Can you guess who’s Darth Vader??? 😀

Official Star Wars Takeover Cinematic Trailer !

July 3, 2013

Hey there fellow penguin jedis 🙂 Club Penguin has released the first cinematic trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Takeover party. I can tell already just by watching this trailer that it’s going to be the BEST party of 2013. Here it is:

Special July 2013 Party Announcement!

June 20, 2013

Polo Field says:

“We’re incredibly excited to share some HUGE news with all of you. In fact, this might be the biggest party announcement EVER. Brace yourself… Over the years, we’ve received thousands of comments, emails and phone calls, all asking for one thing… You asked and we listened! Check out this EPIC special video announcement…

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