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The Spoiler Alert: Best of 2013

December 30, 2013


CP Comedy Show: #WaddleOn !

July 12, 2013

Spike Hike says:

“For the next couple of months we’re going to try something new — and you’re an important part of it! We’ve gotten great comments from you about our videos, including the epic Star Wars preview video that we debuted last week. But there’s one thing you always ask us for โ€“ MORE! Well, there’s one thing we’ve always wanted to try… and that’s a sketch comedy show! So starting this week, we’re launching #WaddleOn, a show made in Club Penguin itself about the random funny things that happen in our community everyday. Here’s the first episode!”

I’m not sure about what I just saw ๐Ÿ˜€ What do you think of it?

Official Monsters University Takeover Trailer !

June 22, 2013

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has released the official trailer for the upcoming Monsters University Takeover party. Here it is:

As we can see from the video:

Polo Field will be part of the OK team.

Spike Hike will be part of the JOX team.

Daffodaily5 will be part of the PNK team.

Ninja will be part of the ROR team.

I will be joining Spike Hike in the JOX team. What about you? ๐Ÿ™‚

Card-Jitsu Snow Coming to My Penguin !

June 4, 2013


Spike Hike says: ”


It’s been a massive month for Club Penguin. We released My Penguin on the iPad which over the weekend reached over 1 million downloads!! Thanks for making this such a success!! We also launched the long-awaited Card-Jitsu Snow and its been awesome to see so many of you having fun with it!! The game has been played over 40 million times already and we can see lots of Snow Ninjas walking around the island.

The Card-Jitsu Snow surprises aren’t done yet… this Thursday, June 6th… Continue Reading!

Exciting New Things for Summer 2013 !

May 27, 2013


Spike Hike says: “Hello Penguins! I hope everyone is as excited about Card-Jitsu Snow and the Card-Jitsu Party as I am! I want to let you all know that it’s the kick-off of an AMAZING summer we have planned! Continue Reading!

Meeting A Couple of Mods Today!

May 9, 2013

Hey everyone! Today was a huge party on the island of Club Penguin celebrating the successful launch ofย the My Penguin app for the iPad. Did any of you meet or run into any popular members/mods and/or mascots?? If so, leave a comment below of who you saw. I personally ran into Spike Hike at the Plaza:


And Yamfry at theย Dock, whom I did not know about until penguins were yelling “Add me Yamfry!!” : Continue Reading!

My Penguin Is LIVE!! Help Club Penguin Celebrate!!

May 9, 2013


Spike Hike says:

“HUGE news Penguins, the My Penguin app for iPad is now live on the Apple App Store. It’s available for download here!


My Penguin lets you connect with your Penguin account, style it with your items, earn coins by playing 5 minigames, and buy items from the catalog. It’s completely connected to Club Penguin, so all your items and coins and are synced. The app also has some awesome games to play including Continue Reading!

My Penguin: Sushi Drop Game!

May 3, 2013


Spike Hike says: “Since the announcement of My Penguin, many of you have commented on something unusual in the screenshot. What is the plate of sushi for?

Is it to feed your Penguin? Or your Puffle? Or something else entirely?

Well the secret is finally out!! Continue Reading!

My Penguin Sneak Preview!

May 2, 2013


Spike Hike says: “To get set for the party, I used the My Penguin app’s full screen player card. Trust me on this – it is awesome!! Touch makes it so simple and so much fun to style your Penguin’s outfit. And it’s all connected to, so changing your outfit on iPad will also change it online automatically. Cool, huh?

We can’t wait to get this app in your hands…and we will be doing it next week.

My Penguin launches May 9th. And best of all, it’s free to download!!”

So there you have it. It will be free!

Coming Soon: Club Penguin for The iPad !

April 24, 2013


Hey everyone! I’m excited to tell you that Club Penguin will release their first app for the iPad soon called My Penguin.ย  I am not sure how much it costs, if at all, and whether it will only be available for the iPad. Spike Hike says: Continue Reading!