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Chattabox’s Summer Beach Bash

January 8, 2014


Chattabox says: “Now all the excitement of Christmas and New Year is over, its time to start a fresh new year, set some goals for 2014 and party in the summer sun – for everyone in the southern hemisphere that is, everyone else can just imagine the sun to stay warm 😉

So this week, lets all head down to the beach, celebrate summer and set some goals for this year! Come dressed in your best summer outfit – I’m thinking bikini’s, hula skirts, sunglasses…. And tell me your goals for 2014, I’ll let you know mine too!

Once the beach party is over, why don’t we check out the lighthouse and have an epic band session… one of my 2014 goals might have something to do with an electric guitar…”

ROOM: Beach
SERVER: Down Under
TIME: 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 9th January
6pm for all of you in New Zealand
9pm PDT on Wednesday 8th January for everyone over in the US and Canada.

Check here the current time in PDT:


CP University Rookie Meetup Times !

July 11, 2013


Hey fellow penguin readers! In celebration of the opening of the first CP University, Rookie will be waddling around the island meeting all penguin students 🙂 The following times are from the Portuguese servers, so you will need to change the language to Portuguese before logging in. Continue Reading!

My Penguin Update Party !

June 6, 2013


Daffodaily says:


In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s an update available for our My Penguin app, which lets you play Card-Jitsu Snow on an iPad! The update also includes extra levels for some of the other mini-games!

Not only that, but the app is now available in other languages too! Which I’m sure you’ll agree is an epic achievement for the team. So, to celebrate this huge launch, we’re going to have a huge party today (June 6th)! Join me (and some special guests from the French and German teams)”

Card-Jitsu Snow: Sensei Meetup Times ! (Update)

May 24, 2013


These are the following Sensei meetup times for the Card-Jitsu Snow party: Continue Reading!

I Met Aunt Arctic on A French Server!

May 5, 2013


Hey everyone! This my second mascot that I have met on Club Penguin. The first one was Gary. I went onto the French server “Jour de Neige” at 3:30 AM PST hoping to run into Aunt Arctic or Tante Arctic as the French call her. At first there was no sign of her at the Plaza. Then someone yelled out loud “Tante Arctic le cafe!” So I quickly teleported to the Coffee Shop with my Spy Phone and found her upstairs. As you can see there were tons of people there exciting in meeting Club Penguin’s oldest mascot. I added her as a friend and received a free background 🙂


Have any of you reading this, met her yet or before ?

PH Meetup Times!

March 24, 2013


If you would like to meet PH or, Puffle Handler, here is a list of the times that she will be on Club Penguin in PST: Continue Reading!

How to Win A Gold Award!

February 24, 2013


I was wrong. No special thing for the golden awards. In fact, you can only get one by winning the presentations. BUT I found a super easy way of winning a Gold Award. Continue Reading!

Gary, Aunt Arctic & Cadence Meetup Times!

February 17, 2013

Some of the locations you will see have these letters FR, DE, ES which mean France, Germany, and Spain. If you’d like to go on these servers, then select the language change above your Club Penguin screen like this:


-For FR, choose Francais.
-For DE, choose Deutsch.
-For ES, choose Español.

These are the meetup times: Continue Reading!

Fastest Way to Get The Movie Camera!

February 17, 2013


That took a while for me! But luckily along the way I discovered a few good tips in getting that Movie Camera faster. Here they are: Continue Reading!

Catch a Ride in The Limo Bar!

February 14, 2013


Ah, the Limo Bar. If you happen to see it, jump in and enjoy the fun! As you can see it’s crowded and this is on a three-bar server. I recommend these servers if you have low RAM on your computer, since otherwise it will freeze.