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Igloo Backyard for Puffles on January 22 !

January 9, 2014


A few days ago Club Penguin announced that members will soon be able to adopt dino puffles! They has also created a backyard for your igloo!

Everyone will be able to keep 10 puffles in their igloo and all their other puffles into their backyard (or keep all your pets in the backyard). What’s awesome is that while your pets are in the backyard, their stats won’t go down!! 😀

Now members will be able to adopt up to 40 puffles! You’re going to need all that space for the new puffles that they create in the future…


Dinosaur Puffles Coming Soon !

January 8, 2014


The time has come! Later this month, dino puffles will be discovered in prehistoric Club Penguin. Even more exciting is that members will be able to adopt these puffles! Which dino puffle do you want to adopt?

The Stage + Furniture Catalog + Puffle Stats

August 14, 2013


Hi there! How are you fellow readers? Tomorrow is big day since there will be a new play at The Stage, a new furniture catalog for your igloo, and amazing puffle stats being filled when puffles dig up their favorite foods. ALL of this will be covered and posted on my new website. Please come visit and subscribe so you will never miss out on a new post! Click here to learn more —->