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Star Wars Takeover: Infiltrating the Death Star !

August 1, 2013


Hey there! Today on August 1st the Death Star has been unlocked and is ready to have its secret plans stolen 😀 Join me as I talk about what you have to do in order to steal Darth Herbert’s secret plans (which is a free background) and earn other items and coins. Continue Reading!

Card-Jitsu Snow: Tips & Tricks

May 24, 2013


Hey fellow penguins! In this post you will learn different tips and tricks on Card-Jitsu Snow. Let’s get started! Continue Reading!

Which Element Should You Choose To Win ?

May 23, 2013


Now that Card-Jitsu Snow has arrived and is extremely popular, many of you may ask yourselves, “Which element is the best?” The answer is… Continue Reading!