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Star Wars Igloo Music !

July 25, 2013


Hey penguins! I was rearranging my igloo when I thought to myself if there had been added new tunes to the Igloo Music section. I was right! There are six new songs and they all come from the Star Wars films. Who else loves the Cantina Band ?? 😀

The Special 5000 Coins Code!

March 5, 2013


Hey everyone! Oh boy, do I have a code for you! One that is worth 5000 coins! Can you believe it?! I’m having a hard time in doing so. Has this been done before in one code? Anyways, enough talk, give us the code!! 😀

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Help Raise Money for Club Penguin in the UK!

February 25, 2013

How would you like to help raise money for charity simply by making people laugh? Sounds good?

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