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Star Wars Takeover: Yavin 4 & Death Star

August 8, 2013


Hey there! Yavin 4 is now unlocked and it is the final step in destroying the Death Star. To go there, click on the red Rebel icon next to the membership badge in the upper right corner. Then select Yavin 4. Here’s a guide about Yavin 4: Continue Reading!


Star Wars Takeover: What You Need to Know !

July 25, 2013


Prepare yourselves fellow future Jedis! Only with the Force and practice will you become a Jedi master and defeat Darth Herbert and his evil forces! 😀 Click on the penguin who’s with you in the Millenium Falcon when you first log in: Continue Reading!

Lava Flow Prize! (Members)

January 17, 2013

Once you become a dinosaur, you can roar by clicking “D” on your keyboard or the dance action. If you notice on your map are now different check markers. These are the places you need to roar in order to win the lava flow prize.


You can see I have already roared twice. When you have them all check marked, you can click on claim prize.


You can earn up to 99 lava flows until January 29, so get them while they’re hot 😉

That’s it for now! Although I’m sure there will be other things I will post about soon.

More Prehistoric Sneak Previews!

January 14, 2013

Hey fellow penguins! How are you all holding up with the excitement of the awesome Prehistoric party ready to arrive in two days? 🙂 I can barely wait to see the world of Club Penguin back in its Prehistoric age. But here’s a few previews:

A portion of the map (igloos are made of rock):


A game called Dino Dig:


Which looks a lot like Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt game.

A peek into the emotes and display of the chat bar: