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December 27th Holiday Gift Pin

December 28, 2013

Holiday Gift popup

There’s a bran new pin, the Holiday Gift pin, and you can find it in this room…  Continue Reading!


December 27th Pin! (Holiday Cookies)

December 27, 2012

Holiday cookies! The pin is located beneath the plaza, if you access the manhole, or to the left of the Mine underground where you play Cart Surfer.


Dec 25th Gifts! (Awesome!)

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying yourselves with your family and friends. The gifts of today are almost unbelievable. The free gift is literally a new color:


White penguins?! Wow!

The members gift is too awesome to be a gift. It’s a Frost Bite Palace:


This is what my new igloo looks like, fully decorated:


Thank you for visiting! I hope everyone enjoys the remaining days of the Holiday Party!

Dec 24th Gifts!

December 24, 2012

For those of you celebrating Christmas Eve… Merry Christmas!

These are today’s gifts… The free gift is a Green Light Bulb. I’m not sure why this is a free gift since you can win these light bulbs on the Santa Sled Ride delivering presents. The free gift is a green light bulb:


The members gift is awesome! It’s a Santa Desk:


I’m gonna be busy decorating my igloo 🙂 Feel free to add me and come check out my igloo!

Dec 22nd – 23rd Holiday Party Gifts!

December 23, 2012

Hey everyone. Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I have been really busy lately, so that’s why now I will post both days worth of gifts.

On December 22nd the free gift was a Race Car Controlller:


Too bad, there is no race car to along with, but anyway here’s the members free gift which is a Festive Light, and I accidentally clicked on accept so:


And today December 23rd the free gift is a Frost Bite Cavern background:


The members gift is a Make and Bake Kitchen:


I hope you will enjoy them as much as I will!

Dec 21st Gifts

December 21, 2012

How are you liking the Holiday Party? If you ask me, I love it! I really enjoy the theme and decoration of all rooms. The daily free gifts are fantastic, especially the ones for members. Here is the free gift which is a hot chocolate:


And the members free gift is a holly jolly couch:


I’m excited about what the gift on the 25th will be!

Free Items For Everybody! (Including Background)

December 20, 2012

Besides getting a free gift by opening a present box at the beginning after loggin in, there are other items that are free. By clicking on this icon in different rooms, you will see the free gifts that are for everybody who may want them:



The background is in the ski lodge which is called Santa’s Office for the duration of the Holiday Party. Once you are in there click on the camera that is standing in the middle. You will automatically sit on the green chair, which then you will get your picture taken and it will ask whether you want the background or not. Unfortunately as I have already taken it, I cannot make the box reappear so I cannot show it to you in a screenshot.


Toy Cars, Reindeer Puffles, and Frostbite Cookies!

December 20, 2012


Only members can have the Reindeer Puffle and Frostbite cookie. Go to the bakery at the Snow Forts then click on the jar:


As it is shown, each cookie costs 100 coins and the effect will last for 10 minutes. Not a lot if you ask me. Pick your cookie, then your cause, and then confirm the action.

If you are not a member, I suggest you to become one now during the Holiday Party, since it will provide many cool things and gifts.

Rockhopper and His Gifts!

December 20, 2012

Rockhopper is here!!! And he has brought us many fun things. No sighting of him yet. Downstairs he has brought us these rare items:


To enter his chambers, you must find the key he has hidden. It’s in the Coffee Shop upstairs. Click on the bookshelf. Then click on The Journal of Rockhopper. Click next page, until you reach the last page, which will look like this:


There is a new game inside called Treasure Hunt which is about working together with the other player to uncover as much treasure as possible before your turns run out.

Coins For Change 2012

December 20, 2012


These Coins For Change stands is in most rooms. You can either go directly to the Coins For Change area at the Snow Forts, or by clicking on these stands. You can choose your cause:


And how much you would like to donate:


Which you will then be prompted with this box:


It’s not even been 2 hours since Holiday Party was launched and already there have been 163,070,900 coins donated!!!