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Star Wars Takeover: Defeat TIE Fighters Level 3

August 8, 2013


Hi there! This is the third and final level of the mini-game. It is the hardest of all because it’s longer than the other levels so you need to be extra careful here. Below is my video tutorial and if for some reason you can’t watch it, there is also a text version: Continue Reading!

Special July 2013 Party Announcement!

June 20, 2013

Polo Field says:

“We’re incredibly excited to share some HUGE news with all of you. In fact, this might be the biggest party announcement EVER. Brace yourself… Over the years, we’ve received thousands of comments, emails and phone calls, all asking for one thing… You asked and we listened! Check out this EPIC special video announcement…

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Official Card-Jitsu Snow Trailer!

May 13, 2013

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Club Penguin released today the official trailer for the Card-Jitsu Snow game that will be available on May 23rd. It’s pretty epic! Here it is: