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July 11th Costume Trunk !

July 11, 2013


Hey everyone! There’s a new play at The Stage called “The Haunting of The Viking Opera” and also a new costume trunk with one free item for everyone! Continue Reading!


Battle of Ancient Shadows + New Costumes!

May 8, 2013


Hey people! As you will notice, the Marvel Superhero Takeover party is gone. Everything’s back to normal around the island. Except there is a new play going on now at The Stage along with a new Costume Trunk catalog with new costumes and a couple of hidden items 🙂


So head on over to the Costume Trunk and check out the new costumes! Continue Reading!

Hidden Item in Penguin Style + All Costumes!

April 5, 2013


Hey everyone! Boy am I excited about the newest Penguin Style and it’s awesome super hero costumes!!! I think that from now on I will only wear super hero costumes 🙂 The designers of Club Penguin have blown me away with their creativity once again. There is only one hidden item in this catalog and it is the… Continue Reading!

Hidden Items in January’s Costume Trunk!

January 12, 2013

I actually forgot to check, and to my surprise I found two hidden items.


For the Grass Skirt click on the Primitive Necklace:



The other item is a Volcanic background. To get it click on the green penguin’s hand:



Hope you are all enjoying the new items around Club Penguin.