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Free Moose/Reindeer Hat Code !

December 31, 2013


Free Brazilian Party Hat Code !

September 26, 2013


Hello penguins! There is a brand new party hat, the Brazilian Party Hat, with the colors of the flag of Brazil painted on it. The free code is: Continue Reading!

September 26th Coin Codes !

September 26, 2013

Hi penguins! There are three brand new coin codes for a total of 1,500 coins. They are:


TEXT: Continue Reading!

Scare Games: Tips & Tricks !

June 27, 2013


In this post I will tell you everything you need to know while playing the Scare Games and some tips and tricks to help you earn more scare points. Let’s get started! Continue Reading!

The Box Dimension + Pin! (Rainbow Puffle)

March 21, 2013


To some of you this is new and to others, you’ve seen this last year at the 2012 Puffle Party. It is the Box Dimension which is filled with cookies in the center while orange puffles are busy stuffing their mouths with them. To get there you have to go to the… Continue Reading!