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How to Find The Fraternity Row !

June 27, 2013


After I went about doing a few things around the island I noticed that I could not find the Fraternity Row again. You will NOT find this room on the map. In case you would also like to know where this room is, keep reading. There are several ways to get here… Continue Reading!

Scare Games: Tips & Tricks !

June 27, 2013


In this post I will tell you everything you need to know while playing the Scare Games and some tips and tricks to help you earn more scare points. Let’s get started! Continue Reading!

Card-Jitsu Snow: Tips & Tricks

May 24, 2013


Hey fellow penguins! In this post you will learn different tips and tricks on Card-Jitsu Snow. Let’s get started! Continue Reading!

Which Element Should You Choose To Win ?

May 23, 2013


Now that Card-Jitsu Snow has arrived and is extremely popular, many of you may ask yourselves, “Which element is the best?” The answer is… Continue Reading!

How to Become a Fire Ninja Super Fast !

May 19, 2013


Hey everyone! I have great news for those of you having trouble in becoming Fire Ninjas… I have discovered a way of how to win EVERY game of Card-Jitsu Fire !!! Since many of you know, getting those clothing items for the Fire Suit takes a long time, especially if you’re losing every now and then. Yes, even if you lose you get points for the next item. But what if you could win each time ?! 🙂 Here is the tutorial: Continue Reading!

Mute All Sounds in Club Penguin!

May 3, 2013


I went onto Settings because I wanted to check how old my penguin was when I saw a new option… You can now mute all sounds!!! This is great because before you could only mute the music, but the regular player sounds were still on, which was sometimes annoying because I couldn’t listen to my own music without being interrupted by background sounds in Club Penguin. But now that is fixed! 🙂

How to Play Club Penguin in Full Screen!

April 8, 2013

Hey there everyone! How many of you would like to play Club Penguin in full screen on a small screen laptop/computer?  Many people don’t get to enjoy the full screen version of Club Penguin and have to always scroll up and down to select things in the game, since their screens don’t show the full picture in the browser. I’ll show you how to do it on two popular browsers: Continue Reading!

How to Win A Gold Award!

February 24, 2013


I was wrong. No special thing for the golden awards. In fact, you can only get one by winning the presentations. BUT I found a super easy way of winning a Gold Award. Continue Reading!

Is Club Penguin Sometimes Slow When You Play?

December 16, 2012

Do you ever notice Club Penguin freezing or lagging? I do sometimes and it’s really annoying especially when I’m trying to play games or when I’m in a room full of other people. There is a solution to this, and it works fantastic. Either next to your arrow keys on your keyboard or above it, or near there should be a “- +” key or normal “+” key. I have a blue plus sign(+) on my underscore key. If you press that, the graphics on your Club Penguin screen will be reduced to a more pixelated one.

This is what a normal Club Penguin screen looks like:


And this is what my screen looks like after I hit the + key:


The change isn’t too bad. This is intended also for smaller computers with less RAM. Club Penguin runs smoothly after the change.

This is helpful especially in the upcoming Holiday Party event where tons of people will be online, especially on Rockhopper’s boat! So be sure to use this trick.