Star Wars Takeover: Yavin 4 & Death Star


Hey there! Yavin 4 is now unlocked and it is the final step in destroying the Death Star. To go there, click on the red Rebel icon next to the membership badge in the upper right corner. Then select Yavin 4. Here’s a guide about Yavin 4:


I have labeled each room with a red number ranging from 1 – 3.

1. The top door leads you to the upper room which looks like this:


There’s nothing to do in this room.

2. This is the Millenium Falcon. If you enter it you fly back up to space.

3. This is the mini game where you defeat TIE fighters and eventually destroy the Death Star.

You can also click on the map in the bottom left corner to view the map of Yavin 4:


If you click on the Death Star it will take you to the mini game. Go ahead and do that now and you will see this:


There are three levels and each has their own reward. Only the third and last level has a reward for members exclusively.


These are your instructions. Spacebar is to fire your weapons and the arrow keys are to move left, right, forward, and back. The goal is to reach the top without getting your ship destroyed. Once you beat the level you can claim your first reward which is a Yavin 4 background:


Also don’t forget to check out the new costumes available to purchase!


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