Star Wars Takeover: Defeat TIE Fighters Level 3


Hi there! This is the third and final level of the mini-game. It is the hardest of all because it’s longer than the other levels so you need to be extra careful here. Below is my video tutorial and if for some reason you can’t watch it, there is also a text version:

Time to put together everything you have learned from the previous two levels. Everything counts here. Dodging, slowing down, regenerating health, etc…

In fact if you wanted to you could actually pass the level by holding down the back/down arrow key the whole level. You will be going slow throughout the entire level giving you an advantage to taking out all turrets before they even begin firing. But it will take a longer time to finish. This is for those who can’t seem to pass the level and want an easy way out of it. But otherwise go normal and have fun! You’ll see me crashing into things in the beginning of the video; that was dumb.

Your reward will be the X-Wing Fighter Pilot costume along with a gold shiny medal given to you by Cadence. As you can see below, the medal is a neck item:



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