Star Wars Takeover: Defeat TIE Fighters Level 2


Hello there! Below is my video tutorial on how to pass level 2 of the mini-game. If you cannot for some reason view the video or your internet connection is not fast enough, there is also a text version:

It’s the same as the first level except you don’t go left and right all the time. Here you don’t have to destroy everything since it’s easier to dodge the attacks. When you see incoming fire from the TIE fighters from below, look where they fire at and move to the area where there is no fire. Then when they fly by fire at them from behind. As long as you pass the level you will get your reward. Don’t worry about not getting enough points.

When your ship’s health bar is low or turns red, take a few seconds and hold down the back/down arrow key to sit back and regenerate your life


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