Star Wars Takeover: Meeting Darth Herbert !


Hi there my fellow jedi friends! How are you liking the party so far? I’m a big fan of what Club Penguin has created for the Star Wars Takeover. In honor of the party…  I watched recently the first three movies(IV, V, VI) and loved it! It had been ten years since I last watched them I think. IF you have not seen them, I absolutely recommend them. Anyways I found Darth Herbert on a Portuguese server in of course, the Death Star. I believe that was the only place he visited. As you can see above, I could choose to receive his free background and to add him as a friend. Also I received the Darth Herbert stamp:


In fact, I’m the penguin in the bottom right corner wearing the Darth Vader costume and saying “okay”

Did YOU get to meet him? If so please leave a comment below telling how the experience was and where you found him.

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2 Responses to “Star Wars Takeover: Meeting Darth Herbert !”

  1. Hockey322 Says:

    Ya, I got to meet him all thanks to you!

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