Star Wars Takeover: What You Need to Know !


Prepare yourselves fellow future Jedis! Only with the Force and practice will you become a Jedi master and defeat Darth Herbert and his evil forces! 😀 Click on the penguin who’s with you in the Millenium Falcon when you first log in:

Star Wars Takeover

You will be give the red Rebel icon next to the membership badge. This will be your space map along with other info. Click on it and this is what you will see:


Go ahead members! Grab your free lightsaber!!!


Obi-Wan Sensei will fill you in on how to duel other players.

Once you have an idea on how to duel, go ahead and click on the planet Tatooine.


Above is one out of three areas you can visit on Tatooine. Then there are three more rooms which you can enter throughout the areas, like the Cantina which I have highlighted in a red box. Go inside!


Now you know to look out for these Stormtroopers throughout Tatooine and other planets ONLY since there are no Stormtroopers on the island of Club Penguin. Before leaving to go find these Stormtroopers take a minute and click on the “Items For Everyone” icon:



You can click to see two more pages of items on the “See More Items” icon. More items will be unlocked on August 1.

Also new emoticons:


That’s all for this post! 🙂


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