Star Wars Takeover: Lightsaber Duels !


Once you have received your own Lightsaber you can begin dueling other players for items. Go ahead and press D with your lightsaber out and you will enter the duel mode where another player can fight you!

Remember that if you want to fight someone who is already in duel mode you click on the blue icons on his/her sides like so:
Once fighting you will notice that a blue icon with an arrow going down will appear. This is your attack. The higher the arrow the more likely you will win the duel.
Go ahead and click on the red Rebel icon next to the membership badge to check out your Jedi Master journey.
By dueling, you will always receive 10 or 20 points depending if you win. These points add up your lightsaber and this way you can receive free items. As you can see, my lightsaber is full so I can get them all.
Here’s the trickier part. If you click on “More Items!” next to the last item you can receive by dueling, you will see this:
So if you would like to have these items, you need to win a total of 30 duels.

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One Response to “Star Wars Takeover: Lightsaber Duels !”

  1. hannahjoykirkby Says:

    Thanks! That’s soooooo cool! 😀

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