Star Wars Takeover: Defeating Stormtroopers !


Hey there penguin jedis! Go ahead and click on a Stormtrooper to fight them for coins and items!


The first level is available for everyone and the reward item is free for non-members too. I’m not sure if the other levels are available for non-members but we can see that the reward items will be for members only. When you’re ready, click play.


These are your instructions:

1. Click the left mouse button to shoot.

2. Hit the spacebar to jump and cover yourself behind the other wall in case your current wall is getting destroyed. A puffle wearing an R2D2 hat will come and fix it afterwards.

The idea is to point and shoot the stormtroopers that pop up. It’s very easy. At the end of game, there will be a boss stormtrooper with a long bar of health. But he’s very easy to defeat so don’t worry. Here’s a tip to defeat him fast:

-Once you are pointing your mouse at him, don’t just click once. Click as fast and as many times as you can before he moves.

Go get them!

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