The TIE Fighter Pilot Costume Code !


Hey there fellow penguin! There is a new free code that gives you a TIE fighter pilot’s costume from Star Wars! The code is:


In case you forgot how to enter codes in Club Penguin, here’s how to do so.

When you log your penguin in, and you are looking at the servers screen, click in the upper right corner on the “Unlock Items” button like so:


Once you have clicked on that, you will see a chest. Click on the button that says “I’ve got a code“ :


Then simply enter the code the way it is, and hit Enter on your keyboard. After that you can either type in another code by clicking on the button, or you can hit the X in the upper right corner to play Club Penguin.


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2 Responses to “The TIE Fighter Pilot Costume Code !”

  1. fely ivory Says:


  2. fely ivory Says:

    and it works


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