Four Rival Teams to Compete in Scare Games!

At Club Penguin’s first ever Scare Games, you’ll get to join a scare team – just like the ones in the Monsters University movie. Pick the one that suits your scare style and compete to win a scary awesome prize!

Here are the four rival teams:


Roar Omega Roar: Are your scare abilities top notch? Are you the best of the best? Then ROR is where you want to be.

Jaws Theta Chi: JOX are natural born frighters, who love the scare of the game!

Python Nu Kappa: Do you hide your inner monster behind a scarismatic smile? PNK’s got the flair to scare!

Oozma Kappa: Don’t underestimate these determined underdogs – they’ve got plenty of heart to take it to the top!

Which team will you choose and why? I pick JOX since they are born to scare 😀


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5 Responses to “Four Rival Teams to Compete in Scare Games!”

  1. Shyanne12199 Says:

    I want to be on team ROR or PNK!!
    Invite me on Club Penguin!!

  2. toonbuddy Says:

    I want to be in OK invite me as fast as u can

  3. cclcomic Says:

    i am in PNK because i hind my monster and only went i get scarey ROAR

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