Which Element Should You Choose To Win ?


Now that Card-Jitsu Snow has arrived and is extremely popular, many of you may ask yourselves, “Which element is the best?” The answer is… All of them! It actually depends on what kind of player you are, whether you are an aggressive player or a support player. If you are an aggressive player you might pick:

The Fire Element:


This element has equal amounts of Move, Range, and Damage and its power cards stuns enemies. This element is quite fun to play with. I enjoy playing with this one a lot.

The Water Element:


Since the Range is so low on this element, you need to be wise and strategic of where you place your ninja before striking the enemy. This is element is perhaps the strongest, but it all depends on how you use it.

The Snow Element:


The Snow element are for support players. Players who like to help out their teammates out in battle. The Damage is so low but it makes up for it by maxing out both Move and Range. This is good because this helps to stay out of harm’s way and at the same time heal nearby teammates. So don’t get too close to the enemy while being a Snow ninja. You can also stay behind a rock, and move back and forth from it to avoid enemy blows.

Overall it’s all about HOW you play with your chosen element.


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One Response to “Which Element Should You Choose To Win ?”

  1. Shyanne12199 Says:

    I choose snow. i like healing other players :]
    Invite me on club penguin!!! I accept all request!

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