How to Become a Fire Ninja Super Fast !


Hey everyone! I have great news for those of you having trouble in becoming Fire Ninjas… I have discovered a way of how to win EVERY game of Card-Jitsu Fire !!! Since many of you know, getting those clothing items for the Fire Suit takes a long time, especially if you’re losing every now and then. Yes, even if you lose you get points for the next item. But what if you could win each time ?! 🙂 Here is the tutorial:

Step 1.

You will need two accounts and two internet browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. If you do not have two accounts you can just make a new one by creating a new penguin. Both Firefox and Google Chrome are free to download and install.

Step 2.

With one penguin, log in to Club Penguin on one browser, say Firefox. Pick a one-bar server since you don’t want other players to join your games. Then, go to the place where you can play Card-Jitsu Fire.

Step 3.

With your other or new penguin, log in to Club Penguin on the other browser, say Google Chrome. Pick the same one-bar server you chose earlier for your other penguin. Then, go to the place where you can play Card-Jitsu Fire.

As you can see below, I am playing with my Frozenheroe account and with my friend’s Pitol account, since he needed help getting the Fire Suit:



Step 4.

Start a game with one penguin. Then switch internet browsers, so you can join the game with your other penguin.

Below you can see that Pitol and my Frozenheroe account are about to play each other:


Step 5.

From here on, it’s simple. Since I wanted Pitol to win each round, I chose a high card of an element, depending on what the tiles offer me, and with Frozenheroe I chose a low card of that same element, depending on if we’re battling on the same element. You will just have to go back and forth on your internet browsers to see which cards hold each player.

Next thing you know, you will be getting that Fire Suit in no time!


This makes earning the Fire Suit a lot faster than the regular way! Plus you can finally win that Strong Defence stamp if some of you were struggling in getting it.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial !


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3 Responses to “How to Become a Fire Ninja Super Fast !”

  1. frozenheroe Says:

    This works the same for Water Ninjas !

  2. Sajo Says:

    You are so smart!

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