April 27th Coin Codes + Super Hero Mask!


Hey everybody! How are you liking the Marvel Superhero Takeover party? How many costumes did you buy and which one is your favorite? There are 3 new coin codes worth 500 coins and 1 worth 500 coins plus a cool super hero mask! They are:

-MASQUE01 (that is a zero)




That’s a total of 2,00o coins and one free item!

In case you forgot how to enter codes in Club Penguin, here’s how:

When you log your penguin in, and you are looking at the servers screen, click in the upper right corner on the “Unlock Items” button. You will then see a chest. Click on the button that says “I’ve got a code


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3 Responses to “April 27th Coin Codes + Super Hero Mask!”

  1. Tehdudette Says:

    Can I use the coin codes? I’ll give credit.

  2. karsty5 Says:

    Reblogged this on Karsty5 on Club Penguin and commented:
    This is from penguinheroe.wordpress.com . Check this site out!

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