Become a Villain!


The takeover of Penguintropolis has begun! This is what you will see:


Go ahead and click on “Build” to begin building your robots!


The idea is to quickly click and drag the white highlighted parts onto the robot’s missing parts. After you have managed to do so, click on the colored gem like you can see above. This is will create a purple robot. To the left you can see that you will need 8 of these for your reward.

If you would like to deploy your robot at any time, click on the green and blue icon on the right side of your screen like so:



Then click on the existing robot that you have created and click on “Deploy Robot” Then you will have your robot next to you, and by pressing the letter “D” on your keyboard, you robot will make a hole.robot&me To get rid of it, simply open your playercard and click on the remote you are holding:getridofrobotHere are some tips in building robots faster:BuildRobotsNothing can stop us! Robots will rule Club Penguin!


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