Hidden Item in Penguin Style + All Costumes!


Hey everyone! Boy am I excited about the newest Penguin Style and it’s awesome super hero costumes!!! I think that from now on I will only wear super hero costumes 🙂 The designers of Club Penguin have blown me away with their creativity once again. There is only one hidden item in this catalog and it is the…

Scrubs! And here’s where to find it:

Scrubs hintforScrubs

I could not make up my mind which costume to wear so I chose one clothing item of each super hero, and this is what I currently look like:


Don’t forget to also check out the new backgrounds!

Is that all? No way! Head on over to the Stage and check out the newest costumes of the Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal play. There are no hidden items:



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