How To Get The Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Hat!


Hey everyone! Sorry for not having uploaded content earlier today.  According to this cryptic message by Ninja, it appears as if we will get something if we beta test the Card-Jitsu Snow. And that reward is the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Hat ! Like the one he is wearing above. This is how you get it:

You need to play and WIN so you can receive your reward. Check out this screen:


To beta test Card-Jitsu Snow, go here:

If you already have it, let us know in the comment section below! 😀


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10 Responses to “How To Get The Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Hat!”

  1. A Unicorn Says:

    I have it

  2. louie Says:

    well how do u get to the bit where u get the hat

    • frozenheroe Says:

      Hey Louie. You need to play and win all three rounds without “dying” and reach the bonus round. I recommend using the Fire Ninja if you are having trouble. Once you finished the three rounds and the bonus round, you will see a screen with the beta hat shining. Just click “Done” afterwards and log off. Log in on the normal CP website, and you will have it there.

  3. weba745 Says:

    Hey frozen! Your site is really cool, thank you so much for helping me i should of went to you first.

  4. Shiddharth Sankar Mitra Says:

    I can’t reach for the room beneath the green entrance. The loading page says unable to load world GML file. Plz help!

    • frozenheroe Says:

      Greetings Shiddharth! I believe this happens because the game is not complete yet as it is still a beta version. So right now, we cannot do anything but go on the green area to play the game.

      • Shiddharth Sankar Mitra Says:

        But I can’t play teh game. After clicking on that green sign, the page stops loading and it says: cannot load world gml file. Plz help me.

        However, is there any other process for beta testing? Is it me doing it the wrong way?

        • frozenheroe Says:

          I just tried it and it works fine for me. You could try clearing your cache and cookies on your browser. Do you know how to do this? If not, let me know which browser you are using, and I will tell you how to do this.

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