A Big Thank You to All My Readers!


Like the title says, thank you sooo much for visiting my blog and reading my posts! YOU ALL ROCK!! Just yesterday, on the opening of the Puffle Party, my blog hit not only a record of views and visitors but also, a very high one. An unbelievably high one. Check out the stats for yesterday:


698 views and 290 visitors!!!!!! The record before that was a solid 200 views. It tripled in only one day. That is why I thank all of you for coming onto this blog to find out new and great things about Club Penguin. I really appreciate you all for this. This blog has grown to a world wide rate. In just three and a half months, this blog has hit the 7,000’s ! Wow. This post will be my 100th post on here so I’m grateful to make this my 100th one 😀


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