The Puffle Hotel Is Now Open!


Look at that rainbow puffle fountain!! The Puffle Hotel, located at the Plaza, looks really cool! Don’t forget to bring your puffle, because you will need him/her to do fun tasks to receive awesome items. To begin your tasks, either click on the board of papers beneath the fountain, or the notepad under the yellow Pets catalog in the bottom right corner.


This is what the Tasks screen looks like:


As you can see, you will need your puffle for these tasks. Completing all four puffle tasks will earn you a bonus item! And the ability to use the Rainbow Cannon up on the roof, which is for members ONLY. If you haven’t completed your tasks and try to go in the cannon, this is what you’ll see:


To get to either the Roof, Gym & Spa, or back to the Lobby, go into the elevator which is to the left of the Reception like so:


I’ll let you guys waddle around the hotel exploring the rooms 🙂


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  1. ana Says:

    i need help

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