How to Become A Puffle! (Puffle Party Only)


Wow! How cool! Would you like to know how to become yourself a puffle?! It’s free for everybody! Remember you need to own a puffle first. The blue and red puffles are for everyone, so go ahead and adopt one if you haven’t done so yet. Now, to become a puffle you must first go to the…

The Ski Village. Once there, you will see the Play Zone building:


Once inside, go over and click on the entrance to go upstairs:


A screen will appear showing you the puffles you own, and asking you to choose one. Since I have only a green puffle, I chose that one, and turned into a green puffle! This is what the upstairs room looks like:


If you are a puffle, this is the place to hang out with others! You can move around the tubes if you’d like. Also try going in the Relax Tron to see what happens. AND! Puffles have their own Dance, Sit, and Wave action! Go on, I dare you to press the D to dance while you are a puffle. Remember, each puffle has its own unique dance! πŸ™‚ Also check out the new emoticons:



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8 Responses to “How to Become A Puffle! (Puffle Party Only)”

  1. Nyan_Cat22 Says:

    the puffle play zone is only for members tho 😦

  2. Christina h Says:

    I tried this but i think it only works when you’re a member

  3. Dawn Washington Says:

    umm this was searched bye me and i ment when the play zone is not there

  4. Emily Says:

    yeah we no
    it is don

  5. jack23482 Says:

    i am a puffle

  6. Cherry33782 Says:

    i just want to be a puffle πŸ˜₯

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