Hidden Items in Penguin Style! (Jan 31st) + Code


Prepare to see stars! The clothes and outfits for the Hollywood Party have arrived, and they look fantastic! What a great time to be a member! I can’t wait to see the furniture that will match the party. Of course each PS has its hidden items, and here they are:

For the Black Shoulder Bag, click on his shoes:



For the Classy T-Shirt, click on the star:



I’m afraid that’s all the hidden items this time. But there are so many new outfits it’s unbelievable! Especially the Ancient Dragon costume! Awesome!

The Coffee Apron is back! You pour coffee when you press D:


Also new backgrounds so don’t forget to check those out!


Now, let’s get busy looking sharp and ready for the partaaay!


Just read there’s a new code worth 500 coins: LESNIEVE


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