I Found Businesmoose!

I believe this is my first of having to meet a popular member among CP. I was checking my Twitter, when all of a sudden I saw Businesmoose tweet that he’s going on CP and will be on Tundra. So I decided to go on it too (luckily he went on a non busy server) and go look for him. I found him after a couple of minutes on the iceberg. My computer was driving slow, which is odd since I was on a low server. And everybody around him were writing to him and following so I couldn’t get a clear photo of him, but here it is:


As you can see he is/was a Triceraptor.  That’s me in the bottom right, obviously with the blue circle. The names are all tiny so you can just barely read his name.

Anyways I sent him the photo on Twitter and he favorited it! 🙂

Have any of you found all the eggs? If so, please leave a comment!


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