Digging for Eggs and Receiving Rewards!

I knew it! I knew there would be a treasure hunt! Basically by playing Dino Dig, which can be found almost in all places on the map, except the iceberg, you dig for coins and eggs. Dinosaur eggs! The Dino Dig games look like excavation site, like this one:


It’s exactly like Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt game he had on his boat. I found an egg on my first try! A pink Pteranodon egg!


By clicking on the grey egg next to the Moderator sign, like this:


It brings you to a screen showing how many eggs you’ve found. And the coolest thing is that you can turn into a Dinosaur after collecting an egg. Plus, if you find them all you get a cool green Dinosaur hoodie.


I’m really stoked about finding them all and getting the hoodie plus exploring the whole map.

I will post one more about claiming prizes.


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