Is Club Penguin Sometimes Slow When You Play?

Do you ever notice Club Penguin freezing or lagging? I do sometimes and it’s really annoying especially when I’m trying to play games or when I’m in a room full of other people. There is a solution to this, and it works fantastic. Either next to your arrow keys on your keyboard or above it, or near there should be a “- +” key or normal “+” key. I have a blue plus sign(+) on my underscore key. If you press that, the graphics on your Club Penguin screen will be reduced to a more pixelated one.

This is what a normal Club Penguin screen looks like:


And this is what my screen looks like after I hit the + key:


The change isn’t too bad. This is intended also for smaller computers with less RAM. Club Penguin runs smoothly after the change.

This is helpful especially in the upcoming Holiday Party event where tons of people will be online, especially on Rockhopper’s boat! So be sure to use this trick.


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4 Responses to “Is Club Penguin Sometimes Slow When You Play?”

  1. pinkllll1 Says:

    thanks friend it runs smoothly on my computer.

  2. pinkllll1 Says:


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